About Us

About Bay Area Virtual Personal Assistants.

Bay Area Virtual Personal Assistants (BAVPA) was created to meet the needs of the ever evolving business environment. Our team realized it was necessary to offer a more flexible support system as more and more entrepreneurs and business executives migrated to the West Coast. We bring years of experience in customer service and office management to assist start-ups, small businesses and corporations in cultivating their individual industries. BAVPA provides customized administrative support in a prompt, professional manner that is economical to growing businesses. Our quick and efficient mentality ensures that our clients receive high-quality service which translates into a streamlined environment for their customers.

The team at BAVPA combines their expertise in customer service, office management and business-building techniques to provide first-rate support to our clients. Our combined work history provides us the opportunity to work with many industry-minded visionaries that have changed the landscape for growing businesses and entrepreneurs. We are proud to be a part of new ventures and established firms. BAVPA is pleased to offer a flexible administrative and overall business support channel to our community within the Bay Area and beyond. Our focus is to continue offering outstanding, economical services to our clients so that their businesses may continue to thrive.
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